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To become the best designer you can be, and submit your work for sale, you’ll need to buy credits. Want more credits, but don’t have time to wait to earn them for free? You can purchase credits anytime by choosing one of our flexible packages. It’s the best way to enjoy Restyler's best features!

  • Starter Package

    1000 credits

    $9.50 USD

    5% Discount

    The Starter Package – perfect for designers anticipating 5-10 sales – with a 5% discount!

  • Experienced Package

    2000 credits

    $18.00 USD

    10% Discount

    The Experienced Package – perfect for designers anticipating 15-20 sales – with a 10% discount!

  • Pro Package

    4000 credits

    $34.00 USD

    15% Discount

    The Pro Package – perfect for designers anticipating 30-40 sales – with a 15% discount!

  • Expert Package

    8000 credits

    $64.00 USD

    20% Discount

    The Expert Package – perfect for designers anticipating 70-80 sales – with a 20% discount!

Join for free to start selling your design services today! We only charge a 30% transaction fee on each sale, to maintain and continually improve upon our great features, and that’s it.


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Showcase your work, get recognition from your peers, and sell your masterpieces through our Creative Editor. Get more credits to generate more sales, and earn more money. Ready to get hired?

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Promote the community by commenting, liking, reading, sharing articles, rating others’ work, engaging with posts, sharing your experience, and more. Doing so will get you FREE credits! Refer a friend for even BIGGER bonuses.

Guess Buyers’ Taste

Restyler’s purpose is to extract optimal value for designers’ work. Bigger, better features are on the horizon, so that you can earn more for your artwork than ever before.

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What are the credits?

These “coins” reward your creativity and social activity within Restyler. Use your credits to offset purchasing costs by up to 10%.


Can I sell my designs at any price I see fit?

While we do set a limit to maintain our competitive environment, these limits are high compared to most other platforms!


What happens to those who don’t respect the credits’ Terms & Conditions?

Restyler is a community platform, and we expect our members to act with reasonable care and respect. Abuse of the platform has consequences. Please read our Terms & Conditions for more details.


Have any other questions?

If you have questions about Restyler or the signup process, please use the contact form to reach to us and we will be happy to answer your questions.


Is my data safe?

At Restyler, we take data security seriously. We host Restyler at the world-class data centre that is protected by 24-hour surveillance and we ensure that Restyler is up-to-date with the latest security measures.


I want to leave Restyler, but I still have credits. What do I do?

If you haven’t violated our Terms & Conditions in any way, you can leave your credits safely in your account and return anytime. Our pricing plans are flexible depending on your needs. Want a tailored quotation? Get in touch!


How can I communicate with potential clients?

Potential clients can contact you through the platform, and you can use the “HIRE ME” functionality to be contacted by those you are interested in collaborating with.


How much of commission do you charge for the Hire service?

We provide this feature at no cost to designers today. People who would like to contact you to provide service will need to purchase one of the Credits Packages from the Pricing page


What description should I put when I publish the designs and artworks?

You can post the deception that you feel describes your creative product and fit the purpose you are posting the artwork for. For example, if it is for sale, then you want people to know how they may apply it for the purposes or if you want to give them some edits, or versions. If to display and showcase your creative work - then you may want to ask for feedback and comments under it.


How does the Restyler algorithm rate my work?

Restyler uses Artificial Intelligence to design optimal user interfaces. It knows more about best design practices than the humans who built it! When you upload your art, the algorithm will automatically rate it and reward you with credits accordingly. Our pricing plans are flexible depending on your needs. Want a tailored quotation? Get in touch!


What price I should set for my designs, illustrations or logos?

We suggest setting a low price (not more than US$10, but most of the artworks should be priced under US$5 ) as the system provides variations to make monetisation of the artworks in multiples. You can choose to leave it empty to make it free, if you would like. Or leave item as unavailable for portfolio purposes to showcase it for people to see who may want to follow you, get community feedback and recognition, or engage with you for services through the hire feature.


How do Colour and Style variations work on Restyler platform?

The colour variations provide a choice of the variations on your creative work to potential buyers. As a designer, you don't need to do anything and Restyler will generate them automatically. Colour and Style variations are constantly updated and we take note of the variations you like but clicking the like button on the main product preview in the right top corner. We believe this functionality will benefit designers to sell many more artworks without a need to change them manually and match the buyers' taste. Buyers can use free variations or pay for additional ones with the purchased Credit packages [link to Pricing page and anchored to the Pricing packages] to For the Colour and Style transfer functionality you will need to upload the design they want the Colours and Style to be transferred from.