An understanding of the rudiments of license law is extremely important to know before purchasing any artwork. When you purchase an artwork from our marketplace, you're actually purchasing a license to use that artwork, so it is important to understand our license policy!!

Standard License

The Standard License grants you, the purchaser, a non-exclusive, worldwide license to make use of the artwork you have selected. Standard license is the default license we offer for every artwork. It gives you the copy of the artwork you are purchasing and you can use it but cannot sell it further. The designer of the artwork will have the rights to sell the artwork to other buyers also.If you don’t care that the artwork you purchase is also available for others then a Standard License is what you need.

Outright License

The Outright license grants you, the purchaser, an exclusive license benefits to make use of the artwork you have selected. It gives you the right to purchase, use, modify, reproduce or make copies of the artwork. You can also sell the artwork to others as you will have the copyright of the artwork. The designer cannot sell the product to others and will have no rights on the artwork. If you want to own the artwork with all the rights then Outright License is what you need.

Standard License Outright License
1 Number of artwork 1 1
2 Single User
3 Multiple User
4 Purchaser Can be multiple 1
5 Artwork type Copy Original
6 Can sell the artwork?
7 Copyright
8 Can modify the product?
9 Can make copies of the artwork?
10 Rights to reproduce artwork
11 Designer rights
12 Designer can sell the artwork?