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What’s a brand logo?

A brand logo is a graphic representation of a company's personality and identity. In a competitive market, a memorable logo is an important component of a strong brand and serves as a visual shortcut to the company.

Think of any local or global brand that immediately comes to your mind. Now think whether the name came into your mind first or its logo was drawn on your brain out of nowhere? It certainly should be the logo. That is due to the impact created by the branding effort of those companies.

Good companies always make efforts to get as close as possible to the hearts of their target market. For that, they try to develop a brand, rather than just working on the quality of their products. In this effort, a creative brand logo plays a significant role.

Importance of a logo

Grabs attention

A logo could rapidly capture the attention of spectators and represent a company's basic principles in a fun way. If you have a solid logo to speak for your firm, that short attention span you know, the one that prompts consumers to judge your organization based on its appearance can work to your benefit. A logo is a visual representation of a company's personality and identity. A memorable logo is an important part of a strong brand because it acts as a visual shortcut to the company in a crowded market.

Makes a strong first impression

The first thing that would catch your customers’ eyes would be your brand logo. A professional logo will make a strong first impression that will lead to a strong foundation for customer loyalty.

Your brand logo can introduce you as a dominant competitor in your scope of business. This is your opportunity to demonstrate ownership of the product(s) you sell or the niche you control right away.

It’s memorable

Remember the time that you tried to recall a renowned brand name at the beginning of this article? That’s a classic example for logos to be memorable. A creatively composed brand logo can stay in your customers’ minds forever, even though they didn’t actually make any purchase from you.

A person who has never purchased a Nike pair of shoes would still not forget the Nike logo. One who has never used an iPhone would still never forget the Apple logo, and the list goes on.


Separates you from competitors

A good brand logo always carries a story behind it. This authentic story should align with the brand message and the values the brand offers to its customers. This distinguishes you from your competitors. Businesses running in monopolistic competition, have to face huge competition with similar brands.

Nevertheless, a professionally designed logo will always help your potential customers in separating you from other vendors.

Fosters brand loyalty

Your logo will become more recognized to a wider spectrum of consumers as your brand grows, and this familiarity will promote the notion that you are trustworthy and approachable.

When you're out shopping for fitness clothes and come across track trousers with the Nike swoosh, you're ready to buy right now. Why? Because when you wear Nike clothing, you know you're in good hands. Nike is a name you can trust. A well-designed logo establishes trust, and brand loyalty develops quickly.

When your products and services are introduced to your customers with such a well-crafted brand logo that would perfectly complement the quality of your products and build up strong brand loyalty.

To sum up

Overall, it is one of the widely used best practices in marketing to work on a strong branding strategy. In the process of building up a brand, a good looking, professionally designed brand logo, that carries a story behind its design, plays a pivotal role.

On the Restyler website, you can choose a lot of great templates that can form the basis of your future brand, and using our Restools editor you can bring your brand ideas to memorable perfection

It is time for you to gear up your marketing effort with an eye-catching logo for your business too. Visit Restyler to check out an array of superbly crafted logo templates that would match the unique selling points (USPs) of your business too. 


Checklist for a Great Logo

1. Unique

Having a unique design got the logo is vital, it enables consumers to recognise the brand effortlessly without confusion. Investing in a great logo design is important. Hire a professional artist to design a one of a kind logo rather than using inexpensive clipart, this could represent the brand as unprofessional and weak. 

2. Simple

Conveying the meaning at a glance or at most in a few seconds is the concept of a logo.
Using simple design resources the concept, consumers can grasp its meaning quickly while comprehending the information. 

3. Memorable

It’s critical to implement a memorable logo design to a brand, and branding efforts. If consumers are having a hard time remembering or recalling a logo, the chances are they won’t remember your brand either. Aligning the values of the brand with the logo is one way to keep the logo memorable. This is another reason why a brand should keep the logo simple as well. 

4. Color

Having proper knowledge of color physiology will come in handy because color takes part in the creation of a memorable logo immensely.

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