Present a Solution, Not a Design

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We all have different perception about the things we see. Your client may request you to revise the designs with few changes in your work. But why? Infact, they hired you because you are skilled at your work. Well, your work may not always be of expert scale.

Being a designer, I know how a convincing solution is better than a showcase design. Showcase design will affect the working of my website, and I don’t want to stake my website over insensible work.

Unfortunately, many clients and companies hire designers to execute beautiful designs, not to solve the problem. They feel like if they are paying you, then you are able to do everything you are asked for. They don’t need a solution, they need a design to attract users.

A design should be able to interact with users.

Clients don’t try to understand the problems, according to them a new website can solve their problem. They forget that somewhere along the way there is a problem which needs to be resolved to improve their designs. A real problem is far away from their thoughts.

This should not be considered.

I try to represent my designs in such a way that the client trusts my decision and focuses on giving me the feedback on my work so that I can help them in reaching their goals.

Now, the question arises how you can convince your client for a convincing design?

I’m here to make you aware of points that can take you to your set landmark.

Set a Right Milestone

The process of designing is collaborative. The client knows the needs of their business, and you know the perfect designs. When their influence meets your expertise, then surely great thing will come as a result. Problems can be solved. When I don’t get accurate feedback from my clients, I try explaining them how to give the proper feedback on the work.

It is a part of my job as the designer to explain and guide the client in providing the information I need. If you are working on designs, spending weeks in completing and sending it off to your client via mail, then you aren’t doing your duties well.

I like to set a right expectation before starting the work with the client. Whatever media they are using to approach you, an accurate evaluation is essential.

I try to explain the things with the language they get more comfortable. I let them know what expectations they can have from me, also what their responsibilities will be for me then we will be able to work together.

Effectively represent your Work

Your client will provide the feedback from the work you give them. If you can justify your design choices by explaining him for hours, then the client will surely have something to say about them.

But if you are taking hours to explain them how your designs will help them to reach their goals, it will be difficult for them to debate on your decision and will appreciate your hard work.

I recommend you to go a step further by asking them their feedbacks on specific decisions.

Lastly, try to present your work in person. This gives you more control over the client’s perception and work.

If you can't explain them in person, try to create a companion document that can easily define your approach to their goals. The extra time you will provide is totally worth it when you get the desired feedback.

Designing is not about generating opinions, it is about solving the real problems. Businesses suffer due to the issues. So, try to make designs that are accurate, significant and absolute.

Therefore, when you are presenting your work, talk relevant and write relevant. This will give the assurance that you are performing your design work most effectively and professionally.

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