What is an Affiliate Programme?

A programme that allows affiliates to earn a percentage of revenue on qualifying sales that result from featuring links to our artworks. Just share an artwork and earn some commission on every successful purchase.

How does the Affiliate Programme work?

Simply go to any artwork and share the product on social media sites such as facebook, instagram, linkedin, twitter or you may copy a link and share it with your friends on any platform. If the purchase is made through the link you shared then you will get the commissioned amount for that successful purchase.

How do commissions work?

The amount of commission for every sale is set on the artwork price and is mentioned on every artwork. It is earned on each qualifying sale. Affiliates will receive a commission on sales attributed to their account. Contact us for more information.

Eligibility criteria for Affiliate Programme?

All affiliates are welcome in the Restyler Affiliate Programme, including sellers. Anyone can share the product and become an affiliate on the marketplace. You just need an account on the marketplace and start sharing.

Affiliate programme policy?

This policy explains your rights and responsibilities for sharing artwork. You can share the product on your owned and operated social media pages, websites, blogs, emails, and such other communications, media and channels.

Have queries?

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us here.

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