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our story

Restyler is a community for creative, dynamic and ambitious people, who know ideas alone don’t make a living.

We’ve created a community for people with the vision and courage required to bring them to life. A place where you and thousands of others with similar mindsets can create and share, improve and extend, discuss and plan, and ultimately create again and again. Here, you can showcase and train your skills.

Creativity. Imagination. Ideas. Innovation.

These are vital principles of our world. Young people, companies, educators, and institutions use the; the list is extensive.

Some of us were lucky, smart, and persistent enough to make a living from through these principles. We know it’s a thrilling feeling to wake up in the morning knowing your income will stem from your creativity.

We are here to help you turn your imagination into reality using your skills in marketing, development, illustration and design.

Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how far your imagination goes, or how beautiful your imagined product is, and how brilliantly you envision your future. The primary concern we all face as creators is the present moment with its technical and knowledge-based hurdles.

The biggest challenges to our creativity are unnecessary mundane tasks requiring routine and repetition. These activities take up half or most of our time, without bringing any real joy, value, or satisfaction. They destroy our motivation and limit our creative potential.

Here, you can help others but also monetize your work.

Here, you become the creative you envisioned being in this digital world.

meet our team

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    Chief Executive Officer

  • Mikhail Patanin photo image | www.restyler.art/about-us

    Mikhail Patanin


  • Ivan Ishukow photo image | www.restyler.art/about-us

    Ivan I


  • Eugeny Sherbak photo image | www.restyler.art/about-us

    Evgeny Sherbak

    Sales Director, Advisor

  • Kam S

    Snr Dev

  • Harshita J

    Mid Dev

  • Tigran K

    Mid Dev

  • Sunil R

    Designer UI/UX

  • Boris Z

    DevOps Consultant

  • Dullith L


  • Gashini T

    Sales & Marketing

  • Junaid H

    BI Manager

our core values

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We promote creative thinking within our environment and breath it.

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The best practices are always questioned and improved.

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We always think how we can deliver the best value to the clients when we plan our work.

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Things may seem the same on the surface but details will show them apart.

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Small changes lead to big differences over time.

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Mean what you say, and do what you say!